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SEO Action Plan For 2024


Google is heavily invested in the best technology. Search Engines have become more intelligent than ever before. Google is now directly answering queries on result pages. Whereas the majority of the voice-activated search queries are increasing. Thereby, website operators are in the dilemma that this could directly impact their optimization strategy. While, for marketers, it has become important to identify and adopt these trends. In this blog we will discuss about SEO Action Plan for 2024.

The internet has become a primary place for a customer to search for products and services. With so many customers online, it is essential for marketers to establish their online presence. Staring a website and blogging ain’t enough for survival. With huge competition in the market, adapting with SEO 2024 strategy has become significant.

SEO Action Plan
SEO Plan Template 12 Month SEO Plan

What is SEO?

Search Engine Marketing (SEO) is a marketing strategy to gain website traffic. It’s the most effective way to grow your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. In an ever-changing environment, success requires implementing the latest best practice. This can be achieved by establishing authority with Google.

SEO Action Plan
SEO Explained

The Future of SEO

SEO 2023 predictions are like a hurricane. Nobody knows where SEO is heading in 2023. As a result, it’s more difficult to develop an effective SEO 2024 strategy or guide. As we have entered 2023, it’s the right time to acknowledge 2018 SEO. The past year was bright for organic search. Since Google continues to refine its enigmatic search algorithm to deliver users the most relevant search results. While SEO professionals take note of growing trends in SEO 2023that are poised to be the future.

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If you look at SERPs today, you’ll notice high competition. On the other hand, Google AdWords takes the majority of space in search queries. Depending on the query, you can a different form of Snippets place in front of the organic search results.

featured snippets seo search markup
Featured Snippets SEO

So, what are snippets? A snippet is a programming term. They are microformats of small HTML patterns. These microformats signal information about a website to the SEO crawlers. Moreover, snippets can be broadly classified as Paragraph Snippets, List Snippets, and Table Snippets. Ordinarily, they are formally defined as operative units to incorporate huge programming information.

The more information a search engine knows about a website, the more accurately it can rank it. According to SEMRush, 11.3% of SERPs now have featured snippets. Typically, search engines will reward you with a better ranking if you can give an honest description. Snippets often make your content more appealing to the customer. This result as increased clicks improved ROI and improved SEO.

SERP Features Occurrence
SERP Features Occurrence

Action Plan: How do you get your content to appear in the Featured Snippet? Crafting rich snippets can be complex. But with our complete one-to-one guide, it will get easier than ever before. There are two different ways to add Schema Markup to define rich snippets to your website pages. The first method is using a plug-in which is an easy process and another method is to add manually which can be complicated for beginners.

Practical Tip: In 2023, will be more difficult to be visible in SERPs. In order to optimize content, you need to be more strategic for your website. The more you need this with the content, the better you will rank.

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Mobile Optimization

Internet users are increasingly turning to their smartphones for online searches. It makes a lot more sense, as smartphones are portable to carry around. When in public places, people want to whip out their phones to perform a web search.

mobile seo optimization
Mobile Optimization

Fortunately, 2021 is the year of Google’s mobile-first index only. So if you’re site is not mobile optimized, you’re losing a large number of mobile traffic. As we talk about mobile-first indexing, the Google algorithm will crawl the content optimized for mobile. Relatively this concept is practical as eliminates the broken links in indexing content.

Action Plan: How To Optimize Website for Mobile in 2023? Follow these basic steps to make your site mobile-friendly. Firstly, ensure that your site is adaptive to any device; mobile and desktop. In order to make mobile sites adaptive, always scale images using responsive images. Secondly, use short, easy-to-read meta titles and descriptions for a mobile device. In fact, avoid pop-ups that cover your content. Lastly, avoid long-form content for better traffic and higher ranking.

Practical Tip: Don’t use mobile as an excuse for cloaking. A well-structured data rich snippets can hook your content on top of mobile search results.

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If you have not optimized your website for mobile, then you should do it in the year 2023.

Is Voice Search the next big thing in SEO 2023? According to ComScore, 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2023 For millennials, the rate is much higher than 50%. While one-third  (Google) of online queries are made via voice search on mobile phones.

the impact of voice search on seo
Voice Search Impact

Knowing that smart SEOs are starting to optimize their website content for voice search.

Action Plan:  How To optimize a site for Voice Search? While voice recognition technology has drastically improved, it still presents results from traditional online searchers. The difference is presented to the searcher and the device you’re searching through. First, your content needs to rank high in search results. It is found that Google tends to source voice search answers from results ranked Top 3 content.

Secondly, add a featured snippet. Make most of Google’s latest feature of snippets. It was revealed that 4 out of 10 (Backlink, 2023) search results come directly from featured snippets. Lastly, include question answers in your content. The vast majority of the voice searches are based on questions. For instance, How to cook pasta? Or What is the best Coworking Space Near Me? When this happens, Google picks the content that contains answers to these questions.

Practical Tip: Due to the fact that the customer communicates directly with the search engine in voice-controlled searches. As a digital marketer, your focus should be more on longtail keywords when optimizing content. Read best keyword research tools for SEO 2024.

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Voice Search by Wordstream

Page Speed

The website optimization score is what matters for rankings in 2023. Fortunately, site optimization and result tracking both are in your hands. Regardless, of the website domain, you need to ensure that your site is accessible across all browsers. By 2023 the online competition will be higher. Even if you have an effective website design online but it takes ten seconds for a page to load, your website user will not have an enjoyable experience. Thus, this means a higher bounce rate.

Google desktop page speed
Desktop Page Speed

Action Plan: What is the best practice to optimize web page load time in 2023? Begin with minimizing HTTP requests for the different segments of pages, like images, CSS, scripts, etc. Also, reduce the file size by compressing them and combine common files to reduce requests. The goal is to get your website ‘up to speed’. A faster site will enhance the overall user experience and contribute to a higher organic ranking.

Google mobile page speed
Mobile Page Speed

Practical Tip: An easy way to see your website is responding correctly, check Page Load time Online Tools. For instance, Pingdom tools, GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, WbPageTest, etc.

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Content Matters

Content as a marketing strategy is favored for marketers. Therefore, it will content to be for the year 2023. Crafting quality and engaging content informs consumers about the website. A prominent content indicates that the company cares about helping people. This also adds to the brand image.

content marketing matters
Content Marketing Matters

In terms of content, 2023 will be no different to influence search rankings. Content creation will always be the core business SEO strategy 2023. However, with thousands of content writing and content marketing solution provider popping up each year, the market is getting competitive. The competition for high-quality content experiences is likely to be as rich as ever in 2023.

Action Plan: How To Create SEO 2023 Content Strategy? With Google Algorithms becoming better and better, it still requires content to determine the relevance of web pages. Strategic content planning  and implementation involves

  • Prioritizing latest topic themes
  • Content layering to gather consumer information
  • Optimal internal linking for conversions
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Regular upkeep and maintaining existing content

Practical Tip: Check and update content regularly to ensure they remain unique as well as offer value. The perfect content strategy will include testing your content before you invest. Use word counter analyses to support content you in writing text. These shows which keyword to use in your text to make it relevant in relation to the search term. Lastly, make sure that you do not stuff keywords in your text.

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Checklist for SEO 2023

  • Add markups to your website so that Google can use rich snippets of structured data to increase rank on SERPs.
  • Develop a website that is perfectly optimized for both mobile and desktop users. This will make it easier for Google search engines to crawl and index your website.
  • Try to optimize your website image, content, etc to decrease page load time.
  • Focus on building content to engage customers especially on voice search.

In 2023, SEO trends will be deeply influenced by enriching content experiences. While keyword relevance and backlinks are likely to remain a substitute strategy. However, a local business site boosts their ranking by achieving “authority”. Amazingly, this can be achieved by creating amazing niche content. This will result in improved SERPs for consumers.

seo checklist
SEO Checklist

Although, next-gen consumers are looking for a solution that is near to them. The local business that is experts in their domain can easily capture these consumers. With the rise in competitive websites, that are backed by digital marketing services will reap more rewards. At the end of 2023, only those who work hard will be the ones who rise to the top.

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What are your thoughts on the SEO landscape for the next year?

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