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Meet Our Digital Marketing Team Members

Our digital marketing team is great. They come up with new ideas. The ideas help us increase sales and grow our brand. They do this on search marketing and social media. This keeps the whole company excited about their work! Congratulation on taking the first step towards building your brand. Meet and learn more about our team. Together we dig deep. We do this to understand your vision, mission, strengths, flaws, and challenges.

Mukesh Kumar

Mukesh kumar


With over two decades of experience in IT and consulting, Mukesh is the driving force behind our digital marketing agency. As Senior Director, he spearheads innovative business strategies, oversees administrative functions, and leads our expansion efforts to establish us as India's premier digital marketing agency.

Sonu Pandey Digital Marketing Manager

sonu kumar pandey


With a robust technical background and over two decades of digital marketing experience, Sonu has successfully elevated brand visibility and profitability for clients at Search Markup through strategic SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing. As a Director, his innovative strategies and solutions are driven by a perfect blend of technology in new media.

Bhuvneshvar Sharma

Bhuvneshvar Sharma

Senior digital marketer

With 7 years of progressive experience in online branding, technical SEO, WordPress web development, web analytics and reporting, pay-per-click advertising, social media optimization, and many more. He assists our team of digital leads on various online projects with a special focus on building client’s online visibility across all digital marketing platforms. His background in search engine optimization and Google Adwords serve a cornerstone in the consumer-driven inbound marketing dynamics.

Mohan rawat

business analyst

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