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Our Digital Marketing team is dedicated to making our technology work for you. They believe that the customer experience can only be improved through digital and social media, so they constantly monitor trends in search engine optimization strategies as well as how users are using mobile devices. Our marketing department believes it’s important to keep up with all of these changes because we want your business growth efforts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google search (and more) to pay off by bringing new customers through our doors or helping current ones spend even more money here!

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Mukesh Kumar

Mukesh brings over 20 years of experience in consulting and information technology industries. He takes pride in setting up a digital marketing agency. As a senior director, Mukesh is responsible for the formulation of an innovative business strategy, managing overall administration functions, including expansion into new divisions to become India’s leading digital marketing agency. He has played a pivotal part in successfully launching and growing business throughout diverse phases.


Sonu Kumar Pandey

Sonu with more than 15 years of experience with a technical background in SEM has worked with hundreds of clients to deliver proven results. His strength is his focus on the strategic development and implementation of SEO and PPC initiatives to support the client to increase brand awareness, leads, and revenues through enhancing brand online visibility. He is a team leader aim to deliver innovative strategy and solutions for Search Markup. He believes that somewhere between the technology and philosophy,

Digital Marketing & SEO Expert

Bhuvneshvar Sharma

With 4 years of progressive experience in online branding, technical SEO, WordPress web development, web analytics and reporting, pay-per-click advertising, social media optimization, and many more. He assists our team of digital leads on various online projects with a special focus on building client’s online visibility across all digital marketing platforms. His background in search engine optimization and Google Adwords serve a cornerstone in the consumer-driven inbound marketing dynamics.

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