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Four Steps for Great Content Writing

Content creation is a roadmap that not only tells you- what you’re going to create, but also how we’ll be going to create and distribute it, ultimately to attract and retain the viewers and convert them into customers. After you identify the target audience, there are four steps that can improve the quality and impact of the online content creation process. Although some steps may not be appropriate for every type of content, they are typically applied to B2B brands.

Ideating Content

A fantastic idea is the heart of any content campaign. We aim to generate great ideas through sessions such as brainstorming, mind mapping, online and keyword research, worst possible idea, and sketching quality ideation.

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Content Strategy

Let’s define your content strategy by elaborating your content plan details, audience, competitors, and strategizing the key topics, when to create, what to create, how to share across channels and specific call-to-action.

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Creating Content

We’ll utilize the plans as per our discussion and ideation we’ve done to produce a unique finished product. Let’s create amazing content that is keyword rich and SEO optimized as we’ve set up this in step 1 and 2 effectively.

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We understand unique business needs and take pride in presenting our custom and tailor-made strategic work. We work tirelessly to ensure highest quality output supporting both print and digital media.

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Types of Content Writing

Website Content Writing

We support your website with designing engaging yet edgy web content that draws customers’ attention to visit your website and keep coming back. Use our web content writing service to create your Homepage, About us, Service or other website pages.

Product Description Writing

We create new product description or have an existing one re-written to abstain duplication. A powerful product description has an ability to move your customer through sales funnel. We help optimize your product description to its full potential.

Blog Writing

Keep your blog updated and fresh with relevant content. Our content creation team armed with real-time data from leading content marketing tools. We understand your audience, the content which can engage them, and define problems they expect you to solve.

Technical Writing

A technical writer will help you curate relevant, accurate, and useful information geared to the targeted audience. The primary task is to share information in a professional setting so that message can be effectively communicated to the audience.

E-Book Writing

Combining eye-catching graphic design and engaging text, ebooks are an ideal asset for captivating and grabbing audience attention. Thus, enabling you to present even complicated topics into an easy-to-follow and simplified format.

Article Writing

Hire a professional article writer to boost your online business. We develop valuable article content to build businesses strong online presence. This will not only increase your exposure by publishing articles but build creditability for your business.

White Paper Writing

Data-rich and long-form assets like White papers are great resources for high-intent readers. Authoritatively content boosts your credibility and earns your audience trust with high conversion potential. Let us help you establish your brand as an industry leader.

Content Copywriting

We employ creative storytellers who are well-trained to use digital tools to develop great content. Strong copywriting attracts clicks and high conversations. Reach us for more copywriting service including landing pages, banner ads, emails, and other sales collaterals.

Review Writing

Get authentic reviews for your site with our product or service review writing service. A professional product review writing service to develop a concise assessment of niche product or service with a personalised touch that influences consumers.

Facebook Post Content Writing

Looking to grow your business on Facebook? A steady stream of social media updates is crucial to keep your fan base engaged. Let us support your Facebook business pages marketing campaign with our Facebook engaging creatives and Post Writing Services.

Twitter Post Content Writing

Do you find it hard to write all those tweets to keep your Twitter campaign bump-in? Outcousre your Twitter campaign with us and enjoy the power your Twitter channel with our content writing service. We help you design trending tweets to promote engagement.

Press Release Writing

A professional press release, news release, press statement, video release or media release puts your company in the spotlight. Use our quality writers to highlight your key milestone to get enhanced media coverage for your small to large business.

Why Expert Content Writing?

Personalized Communication with Customer

In order to pass the message you intend to, you must understand your target audience. We look at the journey of this audience and build a clear picture showing why you are the best choice for the customer to make. Our creative’s develop your brand and create a content strategy that is in line with your objectives. This strategy will use the online channels that the target audience uses often so that they are able to get to them in their most comfortable zones.

Better SEO Optimization

We understand that how you rank on search engine results is extremely important to the increasing the traffic that is driven to your website. To ensure that you rank highly, we create content that is optimized with all the right keywords. We apply to content marketing as an SEO tool and in link building strategies so we increase the number of people visiting your website.

Engagement with Customers

A common mistake that many content marketing agents make is doing the entire process on their own without involving the business owners. We are different! Our developers, designers, and writers work hand in hand with you as the business owner or manager so that you can share vital information with us. You will be well-informed and engaged throughout the content marketing process.

Getting the Message Out

There People have to find your website for them to know how great your content is. We help you get the word out there through not just SEO but also by connecting your brand to key online influencers. These include journalists and bloggers who we work together with to share the information. We choose the most applicable ones to share the information about your brand so that you can reach the target you are aiming at.

Committed to Brand

We are committed to building and developing brands by helping our clients fully engage to discover market positioning. Branding and brands simply don’t exist without establishing a digital strategy. We are full-service marketing development and relations building agency. However, ensuring a strategy that considers the right digital mix to support brand positioning, strengths the online presence of the brand and thrive in the digital world.

Content for Website

There is a lot of content out there on the web. This may overwhelm the target audience as they will not have time to go through all of it. It is for this reason that we ensure we create content that stands out from the rest so that all visiting your website will be intrigued. The content we create is unique, compelling and serves the purpose you intend it to.

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Know More About Content Writing

What is Content Writing?

Is your website ranking high? Did your competitors push you back in ranking?Content offers a “speech“ to a website, summarising what the website is about, and explaining what the site offers to a potential audience. Our in-house team of content writers at Search Mark-up offers you a full range of online content writing and marketing services. We deliver SEO-friendly, interactive, unique, convincing, and professional content writing service. Fuel your brand with dignified content for your website, social media channels, email campaign, or paid distribution.

Why do you need to hire a Content Provider?

The foundation of a powerful content marketing strategy is quality content. You need a brilliant content to optimize results from a well-concept out strategy. Mediocre content doesn’t drive engagement. We help brands to endear your audience to your brand. We offer complete content creation service that will distinguish your brand from your competitors. Ultimately, generate noticeable leads and boost your conversion rates.

Content Creation Service​

Every business requires the right content to expand a business. Our content creation service adds an essential element to your digital and content marketing by helping achieve business goals from building a brand to converting customers.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the heart of digital marketing strategy. Serve your customer with a steady stream of potential leads. We help you build a strategic approach to content marketing through which your business can focus on real outcomes.

Content Amplification Service

Simply creating digital content is not enough. It needs to be delivered through the right channel and seen by your ideal audience. Our content amplification service will put your content in front of more people at the right time, deliver high ROI.

Let us help you!

  • We provide quality content that helps your audience to relate to build your business reputation and generate more leads.
  • We work closely with our clients to develop an effective content strategy which is directly aligned to business objectives.
  • We monitor your brand online visibility to optimize your brand value and identify gap.

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