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As each business and customer is unique with different needs and requirements, we create a bespoke digital marketing, digital media strategy with printed materials, befitting your business and customers. As 40% of the world uses the internet, businesses have to develop strategies befitting the future. While it’s still popular buying desktops than mobiles, mobiles do have an important role in the buying process. As about 46% of UK consumers use their mobile for research purposes, organizations without mobile-adapting websites risk not being found on the desktop and delivering consumers to a competitor’s brand.

What We are

About US

integrated digital marketing campaigns

We at Search Markup Digital Marketing an advertising agency for the future, create integrated digital marketing campaigns and long-term strategies to help you build connections in the digital world. We use the latest technology, innovative digital marketing solutions, and dedication to delivering a beautiful product which functions as per your specifications.

Shaping Your Business for the Future

As consumer behavior always changes, it’s imperative that we monitor the present market conditions, your consumers and competitors and uses the latest technologies to create a rich and engaging user experience while shaping your business for tomorrow.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Craft an innovative digital marketing SEO strategy using tested and proven techniques which drive qualified traffic to your website. Rise above the competition and become an authority in your industry.

Firstly, we will analyze and research your business environment and competitors. We can then act more efficiently and understand exactly what your audience wants. This provides us with the opportunity to plan out our next steps and show you exactly what we can achieve.

Through a structured approach to research, planning, implementation, testing, and optimization we can achieve exactly what we set out to do.

Digital Marketing campaigns work effectively when they are supported by unique and engaging content. We suggest an intuitive approach which not only delves into your brand’s ethos but promotes it in a stunning design masterpiece with the help of a graphic designer.

Our campaigns display your brand’s values, integrity, and trust while promoting your products or services. Overall, our digital campaigns should bring together every digital channel.

Benefit from increased efficiency, boost your cash flow and capture relevant data while creating a visually stunning end product.

We are able to create a bespoke digital marketing strategy for you in a matter of months.

Let’s talk about the project you have in mind!

We are more than eager to listen to your ideas as having a unique strategy without any compromise on accessibility and usability are vital for strong online marketing strategies.

The Difference

Why We Are Different

Selling you Unnecessary Things

We don’t believe in selling you unnecessary things and whatever doesn’t work for you isn’t sold to you. We keep your interests in mind while providing bespoke digital sizes for all businesses.

Our Work Process

We don’t hire outsiders for our work. We carefully plan, analyze and test our products to give you unique and engaging solutions. We find out all we can about your audience, competitors and accordingly create a plan and a bespoke strategy.

SEO Services


SEO Organic search involves improving website visibility through the search results of popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The concept has changed over the years, and today emphasizes on creating and promoting factual and unique content the users require to help improve your search rankings. As natural link-building is also a part, you’ll miss out if you can’t attract high-quality links to your website.

Why You Need It

You will not receive any traffic if your consumer can’t find your website. Without traffic, you end up without any return on investment, sales, inquiries or conversions. Only relevant traffic targeted to specific landing pages to sell specific products or services leads to a successful return on investment. With organic search, you have the advantage of building online brand awareness, trust, and love so that you are considered an authority in your industry.

Generate Website Traffic Instantly

This form of paid advertising can generate qualified traffic straight away. If you have enough budgets and achieve a top placement potential customers will see your advert.

When consumers are searching for the keyword terms on which you are biding and you have placed a well-written advert, you will start to get clicks the second the advert is matched.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Adwords advertising is also very agile. Organic search engine marketing or other forms of advertising may take weeks or months to achieve website traffic. With Google Adwords, you can adjust your target audience in minutes. Therefore, by being able to adjust your pay per click campaigns instantly, means you can change direction efficiently.

Display Advertising

A challenge which many businesses can be faced with is how to accurately reach their target market in a cost-effective and timely manner. We can set-up and manage your display advertising and retargeting campaign, which will generate more leads and an increase in conversions.

Targeted Digital Marketing

Display advertising can take various formats, from static banners to video advertising. The use of rich media attracts website visitors’ attention so that they gain interest in the product or service and are compelled to find out more.


Retargeting or remarketing, as it is commonly known, is central to every digital marketing strategy. Retargeting uses cookies to serve adverts to visitors that are interested in your product or services. This is an effective way of capturing previous visitors. It is a marketing technique which is often employed by E-commerce businesses to help generate further conversions.

Social Media Management & Monitering

Social Media Management involves conversing, listening and engaging with your audience in various social media channels to help develop trust in the consumers’ mind and give a positive image of your product.

Creating A Conversation with your Target Market

The more your customers are exposed to your brand through various channels, the higher the chances of their responding to your status updates, reading company related information and becoming brand advocates.

Social media is an effective customer service management strategy as many consumers now use the internet to express their opinions of products and services. So our social media agency at Glasgow and Edinburgh will help monitor and manage your brand value, trust, and loyalty.

Better User Experience and Brand Management 

Social Media Management improves customer relationships by managing customer service problems, dealing with customer complaints and engaging with consumers about the brand experience.

Reach out and engage with your target market through social media platforms while recruiting brand advocates on the way by being proactive and building relationships with followers by providing them with engaging and interactive content.

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