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At Search Markup digital marketing agency. We know how to grow your business on the web. Our team of digital marketers will help you get new sales leads through SEO, Local SEO, and Social media. We also offer Inbound and Content marketing. We offer Email marketing, Google Ads (PPC), and Facebook Ads. These search engine promotion solutions are sure to get more conversions. Connect us today!

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The Growth Engine with Leads and Sales

We build a strong growth engine. To drive leads and sales, it helps business owners meet their goals.

We all know that digital marketing is critical for small businesses, but it can be hard to find the right agency. It's not about creating a website anymore. You need to have an online presence on many different platforms and social media sites. It creates more problems than it solves. This happens when you have many agencies or vendors managing your accounts.

Search Markup helps you manage all of your marketing in one place. With our Digital Marketing Agency services like Search Engine Optimization Service (SEO) , Local SEO, PPC Marketing, Social Media Marketing (Facebook Ads), Email Marketing & Content Creation Services (blog posts). We also do medical marketing for doctors. 

We’ll Scale Your ROI by Optimizing your Marketing Across Multiple Platforms

We will handle everything from social media to email campaigns. This way, you can focus on what matters most: running your business!

We Offer a Comprehensive range of Digital Marketing Services for Small Business

SEO Services & Affordable SEO Packages

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services)

Search Markup is the right SEO company. We offer a wide range of SEO services. These SEO services aim to target your business to the right audience. This will improve website online visibility. This will help get your business higher rankings. It will be on search engine results pages (SERPs). Our experts use the latest tools, techniques, and best practices. They ensure that your website is good for search engines and users.

Increased Visibility

SEO helps your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This makes your business more visible. Users are more likely to click on the top results.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Compared to paid advertising, SEO is a cost-effective way to market your business. Once you’ve achieved high rankings, you don’t need to pay for each click or impression. Plus, organic SEO results often have a higher click-through rate than paid ads.

Long-Term Results

Paid advertising stops bringing traffic when you stop paying. In contrast, the benefits of SEO are long-term. With regular upkeep and updates, your site can stay high in search rankings. It can bring in traffic for years.

Starter SEO Packages

Starter SEO Package

15 targeted keywords, management of Google Business Listings, and weekly GMB Posts. 70% of your keywords will rank in the top 10 search results.

Standard SEO Packages

Standard SEO Package

30 carefully selected keywords, weekly social media posts, Local SEO, link-building services, and premium WordPress plugins worth $999.

Professional SEO Packages

Professional SEO Package

Everything in our Starter and Standard SEO Package, Featured Snippet SEO, Local SEO, Site Links Work, Image SEO, People also Ask FAQ Schema, 

Local SEO Services & Affordable Local SEO Packages

Our Local SEO Services

Do you want to attract new business in your local area? If you’re trying to drive local business, hire the best local SEO agency. Local SEO is all about optimizing a website to rank better for a local audience.

Competitive Advantage

Many businesses have not used local SEO. This gives you a chance to gain an edge.

 Increased Sales

Local SEO brings more targeted traffic to your website. This increases the likelihood of conversions. This can lead to a significant boost in sales and revenue.

Improved Business Reputation

With local SEO, your business can appear in online directories and review sites. Good reviews and accurate information boost your business's reputation. They foster trust among potential customers.

Local SEO Starter

Starter Local SEO Package for 5 Pages

Google My business GMB Setup, Bing Local Listing Setup, Facebook Business Listing, Local Ciations, 1GMB Listing Post/Week and 30% Top 10 Keyword Guarantee.

Standard Local SEO Package

Standard Local SEO Package for 10 Pages

Everything in Starter Local SEO plus 3GMB Listing Post/Week, Free Map Integration into your website for even better Local SEO and 50% Top 10 Keyword Guarantee.

Professional Local SEO Package

Professional Local SEO Package for 20 Pages

Everything in Standard Local SEO plus 6GMB Listing Post/Week, we will optimize 20 pages of your website.  70% Top 10 Keyword Guarantee.

PPC Marketing for Search, Display, Discovery, Local Ads and More

Pay per click (PPC Marketing)

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an effective way to drive qualified traffic to your website. But, if you're not using the right tools and strategies, it can be very slow and confusing. You need a PPC management company. They should know how to use search engine marketing well. It gets results for your business.

Quick Results

Organic SEO takes time to build momentum. But, PPC campaigns can deliver immediate results. As soon as your campaign goes live, your ads will start. They will drive traffic to your website right away.

Targeted Advertising

PPC allows you to target specific demographics, locations, and even times of day. This targeting level ensures that your ads reach the right people. They do so at the right time, increasing the chance of conversions.

Measurable Results

With PPC, you can track everything. You can track the number of ad views and clicks. You can also track the number of conversions. This data can help you refine your campaign and improve its effectiveness over time.

Social Media Marketing for Your Brand on Facebook, Instagram and More

Social Media Optimization and Marketing

In today's digital age, having a strong social media presence is no longer optional - it's essential. We understand the power of Social Media Marketing (SMM). We are here to help your business use it.

With our SMM services, we offer you a chance to boost your brand recognition. You can reach a wider audience and talk with potential customers on platforms they use daily. We focus on creating engaging content. It resonates with your target audience. This sparks conversations and fosters relationships that lead to conversions. an effective way to drive qualified traffic to your website.

Enhanced Brand Recognition

Social media platforms are effective channels for your business's voice and content. They make your brand more accessible to new customers and more recognizable to old ones.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Social media is a networking and communication platform. Creating a voice for your company through these platforms is important. It humanizes your company. Customers appreciate knowing this. When they post comments on your pages, they will get a personalized response. It won't be an automated message.

Higher Conversion Rates

With increased visibility, your business gains more opportunities for conversion. Every blog post, image, video, or comment may lead viewers to your company's website. This traffic will increase traffic. Social media marketing lets your business make a good impression. It does this through a human touch. Brands are interactive on social media. They share content, comment, and post statuses. This makes the brand seem human.

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What is a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency manages whole internet marketing campaigns for companies. They review the company’s current position. They study customer behavior and suggest changes to boost web traffic. The branches are social media marketing, PPC marketing, and SEO. They also have web designers, developers, and analytics experts. You can find them by searching the web for “digital marketing agencies”. You can also find them through a referral from trusted people in your network.

This can include website design reviews, content reviews, and keyword reviews. It also includes deploying advertising activities. These activities include banner ads and video ads. Companies target specific markets or regions. The aim is usually that ads can change behavior. They should make customers visit the webpage, instead of leaving after one view.

Why you should hire a digital marketing agency?

Hiring a digital marketing agency ensures that your small business will have a team of pros. They will strive to grow it every day. A digital marketing company knows what they are doing. They can save you time and money and provide the best ROI for your business.

It might seem tempting to make your own marketing plan. Or, to do marketing in-house if it's not your specialty. But, it’s far cheaper and faster to hire an expert.

Marketing is hard. It's hard if you don't know the latest techniques and algorithms. They help you attract the right audience to your website or business. There are many other tasks that need doing. Your business needs them to succeed, such as marketing efforts for medicine. When you hire a digital marketing expert, they do the hard work. This work includes social media outreach, search engine optimization, and Google grants. The fees they charge are worth it. Their effort will bring in money.

How digital marketing agency works?

Digital marketing agencies work in many ways. But, for most, the main goal is to increase brand awareness and promote a product or service. There are a few different methods a digital marketing agency can use to achieve these goals.

One example is viral videos. You can use them to showcase your company’s culture and values. They can also show what products or services it sells. Also, you can create marketing campaigns to target "lookalike" audiences.

These audiences have profiles like existing customers. They have shown interest in buying from your company. Digital ads are great at increasing traffic. The best approach is to target the website where products or services are sold.

How to choose the best digital marketing agency?

Consider four main things when looking for a digital marketing agency.

First, ask if they have any former customers. The customers should be willing to talk about their experience with the company. They should provide testimonials or references. This is more valuable than any other kind of proof. Customer feedback is credible. It forms the foundation for new customers' decisions about working with an agency. Find these comments online and offline. Check each one well before choosing which business to hire.

Second, consider how long they've been in business and what services they offer. Some focus on SEO or display ads. Others specialize in websites, social media, PR, content marketing, or analytics. Most agencies can handle several of these areas. But, most have a specialty that makes them unique. Ask about their specialties and how it pertains to your project.

Third, see what types of clients they've worked with recently. This is an excellent way to understand the work they've done. Good agencies can handle many project types. But, it helps if their past customers are in your industry.

Fourth, consider the price. You shouldn't pay hefty fees unless your agency provides great value for the money. They should also have great customer service and a real focus on helping your business grow. Never cut costs by hiring a cheap agency. They may provide the lowest quality of services and end up costing you more!