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Many online retailers have a hard time growing their sales because they don’t know how to effectively market their products. The problem is that most eCommerce marketers are using the wrong marketing strategies and tactics. They’re wasting valuable money on traditional advertising channels, such as TV commercials or print ads, which have been shown to be ineffective at driving sales for online ecommerce businesses. Our digital marketing agency has helped hundreds of online stores grow by combining SEO with email marketing and retargeting campaigns. We also help companies run profitable Facebook Ads campaigns in order to find new customers who might not be aware of your brand yet. Once we’ve found these potential buyers, we can use retargeting ads (also known as remarketing) to show them relevant product ads while they browse other websites or apps on desktop or mobile devices. This combination of strategies has allowed our clients’ businesses to grow by up to 300% per year!

Our eCommerce Digital Marketing Strategy

Proven SEO techniques

We help in every aspect to increase your visibility on search result engines by implementing proven strategies. Search Markup is a fastest growing ecommerce marketing agency in India.

Sales Driven Campaign

Our strategies are designed to focus on increasing the sales rather than traffic for your e-commerce website. We not only aim to improve organic traffic but also help in increasing business conversions.

Enhancing Site Usability

Usability is crucial for SEO success to make customer satisfied. We help customers to have a smooth experience when they visit your website by rearranging your site architecture making it more user-friendly.

Online Store Optimization

Success of any e-commerce website largely depends on its SEO. We facilitate optimizing our e-commerce website by addressing the pain points of the visitors.

On-page & Off-page Optimization

When it comes to ranking, visibility, and targeted audience, link building is not an exception. We analyse website current performance on the search engine and rectify those problems. Then we focus on optimizing it with Meta tags, descriptions, canonical pages, architecture, URLs, and web content.

Detailed Reporting

It is important for any e-commerce store to analyse how their customers find and interact. We provide daily reports on through top search keywords and acquired links to measure your SEO ranking. Reporting will give you an overview of your campaign success.

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