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10 Unbelievable Technical SEO Mistakes Killing Traffic


Technical SEO mistakes are daunting every marketer. In this article explore 10 SEO technical issues that is killing your website traffic.

Is your business website missing out on major potential traffic? Here are the top 10 advanced technical SEO mistakes that are affecting your Google ranking. The website is an essential part of any online business. Potential customers need to find out about who you are and then help them get in touch with you. If your website is not optimized, it means you are simply throwing your money out from the window! If you have a business website and not getting enough traffic then there is a problem with SEO. You don’t require any technical SEO classes. Neither you need to be a master in technical SEO strategy.

Just comply to our list of technical SEO questions will solve the problem. Learn technical SEO wont help. There are few basic SEO problems that you need to solve. These common SEO problems will help your website gain traffic.

Well, but before that, you must know how a search engine works and how it impacts website development.

So, let us first understand how a Search engine works and what is SEO?

technical seo mistakes how search engine works

So, for example, when you want to know about anything, most of us look for Google search. You must have also heard people suggesting “Google it”. Here the question comes, why don’t people ask you to search on Bing or yahoo and why is Google always preferred? The answer is easy, in Google search console you get answers for your hunt in the first few results displayed.

Google shows the most relevant results with the help of Algorithms. With the right results from Google, users feel satisfied. Therefore, get more dependent on any online search. Google is the first choice for marketers to display their ads. This makes Google earn around 96% of the revenue from its advertising platforms. In addition, execute regular algorithm updates to offer the most relevant search results’

Check SEO Audit

The SEO or search engine optimization is a set of activities required to optimize website for search engine.

You must be thinking of “how a Search Engine can define website ranking?”. Whether your website is the perfect fit to show among the top search results for any query? 

Technical SEO issues Factors That Define Google Ranking

Well, there are many factors responsible for it however the most certain are mentioned below. Have a look.

  • Crawlable: With this Search Engines first crawl your website using bots and then index your web page in its database. Thus, give it rank to show it as a search result.
  • CTR (Click-through rate): It is about the number of users clicking on your website page. When it’s suggested by google search engine
  • Bounce rate: It is about how users intermingle with your website. Whether they are spending more time on site, reading your content, clicking on links, filling up the details or exiting your web page immediately. The bounce rate is the most important factor for ranking. If you have a lower bounce rate that means your webpage is being liked by users. 

Top 10 Technical SEO mistakes you must avoid

Those were the days when SEO was only about creating backlinks. Today, it has completely changed and now SEO and web development go parallelly. To grow your online business, you must know how to bring your website to the top search. Have a look at some common mistakes we do that are killing your online business

1. Unclear messaging and Clumsy Navigation

This sounds obvious, but if your website doesn’t tell who you are and what you do easily, it’s creating a big hurdle. These two things confuse the visitors and waste their time figuring out whether they are in the right place or not. Avoid keeping the key content in a folder or giving a strange title that is clumsy to understand. Remove irrelevant information from the webpage and make your search bar easily visible.

2. Slow loading speed On-Page issues

Nobody likes to wait. On-Page issues that many beginners make is that they ignore the speed page load time. If your web page takes more than 3 mins to load, it will infuriate the user and be fined by Google. To improvise on the on page SEO you need to optimize it for speed, first, check out the GTMetrix and necessary corrections. Also, SEO traffic checker the image size on your website as it takes more time to load if the image is bigger.

3. No mobile optimization

Today mobile is a handy way to search for everything. It is counted as one of the common technical SEO mistakes. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it will annoy the visitor. Every user is spending 95% of their time on mobile research. If your website is not optimized for mobile then you are killing major traffic. Hence you cannot afford to lose this part. Just get it checked on the mobile front and get it fixed if required. 

4. Incomplete titles and descriptions

When a user searches anything in Google, it finds out the most relevant website based on its title or description. The crisper and clear it is, easier for Google to find the relevant keywords and show your website as a result.  

5. No SSL certificate

SSL Certificate offers authentication to your website as well as protection to user’s information. In the absence of this, visitors will feel insecure. Thus, this technical SEO issue is important. Many times a user gets a warning of an unprotected website that impacts the traffic on your website.

6. No clear call to action (CTA)

Even though your website is good, there will be no visitors if you have no CTA. Having is the right message is important to avoid technical SEO mistakes. You must find out that one thing about your website that will attract users. You can have specific highlights to stand out and ensure it is well-designed, intended, usable, and offers exactly what users require.

7. Showing so many things at once

Keep your web pages easily accessible and try not to bombard the user with a lot of information at once. Offer what a visitor is looking for. If the visitors receive a lot of irrelevant information, it’s obvious that they will exit the website immediately.

8. Technical SEO mistakes and Broken links

Broken links harm site leads by creating a bad user experience. Moreover, it will lower SEO efforts. Perhaps, will in turn rank down your website’s spot in search engines. Thus, always keep a track of all the links on your website at least once a fortnight.

9. Deadweight pages

The presence of deadweight pages lowers website Google ranking. Try to update webpage content with relevant information regularly. Take the help of Screaming Frog and Google Analytics to do the quality SEO technical audit of content. There are several other SEO checker tool to diagnose deadweight pages.

10. No sitemap

A site map is a valuable tool that helps Google to find web pages easily. Google will rank your website’s pages that will improve the chances to get more visibility on technical search engines. 

technical seo issues Tips to Improve Website Credibility

I have assembled a few suggestions that can help you further improve your website’s credibility and lead you more traffic. 

  • Ensure your website developer has a basic knowledge of SEO and Search engine bot.
  • Make a technical audit manual.
  • Make your website clear and easy to understand. Structure it as per the user’s needs. 
  • To know any technical flaws of your website, run it through the GT matrix or Google Speed Test.
  • Revamp your website for all technical SEO checklist.
  • Take the help of experts to develop and do digital marketing for your website. 

Say No to Technical SEO Mistakes

Hope this article will help you improvise your website. Improving your technical SEO issue bring you more business. Just keep in mind, it’s simple to make a website, but it takes real efforts to make it work for you. By following our technical SEO mistakes guide you will be able to regain your ranking. All the best.

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