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3 Amazing Tactics For Social Media Marketing For Schools to Drive Website Traffic


Social media marketing for schools is quite tough, as most of the educational institutions have little or no knowledge regarding “how to do social media marketing for schools.” Since most of the departments are either understaffed or don’t have enough money to spend on social media marketing due to weak social strategy plans

There are several ways in which schools can benefit from social media marketing. The prime reason for using social media is that it allows educational institutes to promote their school classroom or online programme. 

By integrating social media marketing plans for schools it enables to drive website traffic, increase customer engagement, and engage leads.

The benefit of Social Media Marketing For Schools

Social media advantage for schools is that it helps them to increase communication with students and parents.  Social media allows for more e-learning opportunities as well. 

As remote jobs and online classes are becoming more popular, training students to work from a distance is an important lesson, and social media can help with that. 

Some great advantages of social media marketing for educational institutions are:

  • Better communication with customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Better customer service
  • Increased sales
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Reduced communication cost
  • Better feedback from customers
  • Gain business contacts
  • Ability to showcase your business expertise

It’s important to understand the impact of social media in education before using it, but we’re of the firm belief that it will help advance students in technology.

Boosting your school performance or visibility through social media marketing is not that tough. There are plenty of platforms available in the market, which can help you to improve your school visibility. Some familiar social media platforms include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. 

With such platforms’ help, you can easily reach your targeted audience and increase awareness regarding your school. Social media campaigns for schools is a cost-effective tool for private schools to build their name and get recognition in their nearby area without spending money on billboards or costly television or radio advertisements. 

So with the right strategy and plan, you can make your school discover by the ideal audience and can position it among top private schools amongst your place. 

But how to do social media strategy for schools to engage more audiences and high recruitment? Don’t worry, here you’ll get all the answers you are searching for. Let’s go ahead and check how social media marketing can help position your school.

Tips To Use Social Media Best Practice For School

Before defining a social media plan for schools is crucial to create a strategy. 

A good social media strategy for schools comprised of the following: 

  1. Set a Measurable Goal
  2. Create a List of Tactics
  3. Select Social Media Networks to Carry Out the Goals
  4. Do a Social Media Audit or Get One Done
  5. Set Expectations
  6. Create Landing Pages
  7. Plan Content Distribution
  8. Assign Tasks and Due Dates
  9. Expect the Best and Plan for the Worst
  10. Analyze and Adapt

A social media plan provides the school with an exact measurable goal. It allows the track progress and determines growth. 

How to Use Different Social Media Platforms for Schools

There are several guides on how to do social media marketing for schools. But we have simplified for you. Here are a few tips on using different social media channels for schools.


How Can Facebook Help To Improve Your Private School Visibility? Well, Facebook is the irrefutable champ of social media marketing. With over 1.5 billion daily users and 2.4 billion monthly users, there’s guaranteed that you can easily reach your desired audience. But, you can’t just make a business profile and wait for your target audience to see you. There’s a way that you need to follow to get success through Facebook. Facebook is known among social media best practices for schools.

Step 1: Get Active 

The vital element to get more engagement is to stay active as much as you can. Ask questions, post updates, and share pictures with a deadline, keeping in mind that helps you promote your school. Further, ask your presently enrolled families and students to write a review on your page and ask them to recommend this to different families. 

Step 2: Create A Group 

Well, the lack of communication is the biggest problem that many schools face. So to help them to get more information about your school, create a group on Facebook just for those who are already enrolled or interested in your school. So with the help of this group, you can frequently resolve their queries and give more information regarding your school. 

Step 3: Go Live

You can go live as live videos are a place where instantly people can connect with you. Thus this kind of social media marketing for schools works well. Further, you can show interesting parents your school workshops, activities, and more. Even you can pre-record the video and share it with your users to attract them to your school. 

You can also ask questions and give answers to any queries that parents have. This interactive session will help you build a loyal user base and help you solve the queries that they have. Further, it will help you to improve your school study structure. So you can focus more on creating your school the best in the town.   

Step 4: Announce Upcoming Events

You can use your Facebook page to announce the upcoming events that would happen in the near future in your school. So, people can be aware of upcoming events. Further adding school events to Facebook is the best way to inform the audience or your targeted community about your workshops, activities, and functions. Even you can create activities in which parents can show their involvement. 

It can further help you when other parents see such things on Facebook, then they want to enrol their child in your school. So, don’t miss any activities or performances that would happen in some future in your school. 

Step 5: Create Facebook Ads

Nowadays, Facebook Ads play like a trump card. Well, through your page, you can only attract hundreds of audiences. But, when you create Facebook ads, you just set your target and pay accordingly to Facebook and let Facebook work for you. Surprisingly, Facebook also offers an amazing set of marketing tools to help you target more audience. Further, Facebook ads aren’t that expensive at all.       


Many believe YouTube isn’t a platform for school promotion. But, it is a platform where you can interact through comments with your users and build profiles and connect with the enrolled parents. Social media marketing for schools is a bit easier via YouTube as it’s the second-largest search engine after Google, and many spend most of their time there.

Step 1: Show Some Glimpse Of Your Campus

Take parents and students on a virtual tour of your campus. You can show your entire campus through that video. Get them inside of every classroom and show them the infrastructure and some glimpse of teaching techniques. Further, answer their questions through the comment section. This way, YouTube can serve as the best social media marketing tool for school.  

You can even make a video where your entire facilities, dean, director, and everyone tells about your school, its features, and more. Ask some scholar students to share their views in that video. You can also invite some of your alumni students to tell more about your school. Show them your school library and laboratory to attract the right audience. 


Now, let’s see how you can use Instagram to get help to reach one billion people every month. Well, Instagram is the second-largest marketing media after Facebook. But, according to your purpose, Instagram may sound effective to you. You can get high engagement rates, and even Instagram is quite different from other social media apps. Check our Instagram Marketing Services

Step 1: Use A Hashtag

On Instagram, the hashtag works quite well. If you select the right type of hashtag for your post, then it’s a win-win position as Instagram users search through hashtags and add a focus keyword that can immediately attract many parents around you.  For example, (#bestschool). Well, there’s no doubt that hashtags work well for Instagram. So with the help of them, you can create hashtags for your school and engage a lot of audiences. 

Step 2: Use Photos

See, Instagram is a visual media, where photos work well to attract targeted audiences. So, share your school pictures in your Instagram stock feed and stories as well as add some captions there. This way, you can create a genuine and authentic page on your Instagram. You can also share some videos on stories and feeds so more people can engage through it. 

Step 3: Effective Content

Well, creating content for Instagram isn’t a heavy job. You can also recruit student influencers in your private school to upload pictures and create content and begin campaigns. That can help you promote your school to a wider audience.   

Which is the Best Social Media Platform For Schools?

While reading all the three social platforms, you would be wondering about making a profile on each platform. You might think to try three of them. But, you can simply start with any one of the platforms as you need to learn the tricks to explore the platform and encourage other parents to join your school. 

However, which platform you select is dependent on you only. If you’re focusing on reaching parents and grandparents (age approx 35 to 65), you should try to make your school profile on Facebook or YouTube since many parents or grandparents are more active on Facebook or YouTube instead of Instagram. So, it will help you in attracting the right audience. 

But, if you’re planning to attract older students or younger parents under 35, you should make a profile on Instagram, as Instagram is famous amongst youth. You can also make a profile on YouTube no matter what age it is. People are active users on YouTube. As you can see, there’s a wide variety of ages on YouTube.

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The Bottom Line

In short, social media marketing can help you to reach the right audience with the help of some strategic planning and approaching the right audience through your post, content, and stories. Further, social media has various usage in classrooms too. So you can also use them to make a great classroom for your students.  

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