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Advanced Guide on SEO for Google Shopping for Beginners


Google Shopping has frequently made one of the most beneficial advertising channels. Even an under-optimized Google Shopping usually provides some good sales and results. But who wants to settle for small results when you can use a highly optimized method to boost the performance. Effective SEO for Google Shopping involves meticulous optimization of product listings and strategic keyword incorporation to enhance visibility and drive sales.

While optimizing Google Shopping feeds, it’s necessary to follow the main steps to deal with the competition’s wide variety. It’s found that nowadays most of the people spent most of their time in Google Shopping. So, with the write SEO trick, you can easily optimize your online merchants. 

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping platform generally consists of product listings ads that show up at the top right or top center of a Google search results page when a person searches a particular product. For instance, if you sell footwear, then your page appears immediately on the search results page when someone types about a particular footwear style. 

But for that, you first need to be in the initial eight listings or fewer Google search listings. However, if you aren’t part of that list, then don’t worry. You will still attract some traffic if they click the “Shop for” option available only in eight ads. However, you need to work on your data feed, campaign structures, prices, images, and a few other factors. So, you can win the click. 

How to set up your Google Shopping Ads?

If you’re looking to optimize your Google Shopping, you need two accounts- Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords. Well, Google Merchant Center is used to carry the data feed. It’s a place where your entire data feed is collected- your data feed consists of collecting the information about the product, including its title, price, description, image, price, and many other details as per Google format. 

Then Google uses this feed to create the product ads. Further, Google also uses that data to find which ads it wants to show. In fact, Google Merchant Center is also a place where you can also create rules regarding sales tax, shipping, select your targeted country, and proper verification of your site. 

Meanwhile, Google AdWords is a place where your all Shopping Campaigns live. It’s a place where you can create your daily bids, budgets, product groups, and ad groups. Further, it’s also one of the main places where you can optimize and monitor your performance. Thus, it’s essential to use Google Analytics to get updated about your performance analysis. 

Google Shopping management has similar abilities to good SEO. However, unlike traditionally text ads, your queries or keywords can easily be determined through Google Shopping management.   

How to do SEO for Google shopping?

Now let’s head to know how to set up SEO for Google Shopping. To ease it, let’s split these into five keys elements. 

Buyer Keywords

You have first to prepare a keyword strategy to run product listing ads. You have to create a data feed like you are speaking to your customer and Google. You aren’t looking for stunning Shopping ads, but you are here to find the buyer keywords. For instance, if you’re looking to sell clothes, then the “red hoodies” type of keyword will work for you. 

Title Benchmarking 

Well, you have two aims with the product title- ranking and clicks. As you first need Google to search your product titles, it can show you some top buyer keywords. So, the potential buyer can find your ads and select yours over the other competitors. Further, finding the right keyword can help you in getting long term clicks and impressions. The product price and image generally influence even clicks. 

Image Comparison 

You need to remember that Google is dainty about the product images, and it’s for a good reason. Google wants to build consistency for its platform to block advertisers from experimenting with watermarks, promotional text, and logos. So, your product image should only consist of the image of that particular product. Further, the image is the first thing that grabs buyers’ attention; the second is the price tag. 

Description Hacking 

Your product description shouldn’t be a long one. It means without any prose or copy as only Google reads it. So, you just have to describe the product. You can do this by writing down the title, recording it, by adding some more attributes which hadn’t fit in the title. You can even check your top competitors’ descriptions. 

Smart Bidding 

You should prepare a proper bidding strategy as aside from your product quality, the bidding is the one that determines the overall profitability and sales volume. But, remember that bidding is directly connected to the choice of your keywords. Further, bidding also depends on the brand and category. So, you have to maintain the right quality to gain huge profit. 

Benefits of SEO for an E-Commerce website for Google shopping

Driving brand awareness

Well, most eCommerce website requires proper SEO to generate awareness about a low-cost brand. Since the first thing a shopper suffers is finding a place on the first page of Google. So, by optimizing your eCommerce website, you can find the proper buyers for your product. 

Elevating content

With the help of proper keywords, SEO can gather plenty of traffic on your page. But if you’re providing awareness content as well. Then you should create catchy and attractive content which users will found useful. Further, optimize your content to get noticed.

Expanding remarketing audiences

Once a shopper visits your site through an organic search, then you can place cookies for your campaign. Even you can display ads when they click or visit your site. So, the more people can reach your site, the more remarketing audience you will find. Even SEO remarketing helps you to funnel your site from the other competition. So the shopper can easily land on your site without much hassle.  


Always remember that Google Shopping can only be successful if you keep little things in your mind. Never underestimate keywords, as it’s the main element to grab buyers. Further, you should understand the working of the campaign structure and how your data feed works. So, you can properly place the bids as per the product and its quality.        

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