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Revealed 5 Social Media Marketing Strategy in 15 Minutes a Day


Success is simple with social media content when the key focus is on strategy efficiency. Of course, talented marketers understand the importance of target content to reach potential audience catering need and challenges. Besides, you need a variety of content on social media to engage the audience. But the secret to success depends on efficiency in the digital space and your effective social media marketing strategy.

In this post, we’ll discuss the secret social media marketing strategy including actions that will take only 15 minutes a day to complete. Thereby, to produce quality social media content to engage the audience throughout the year. Follow these tips and soon you’ll experience shocking results. Nevertheless, drive traffic, leads, and ultimately sale to grow.

Strategy 1: Setting Up a Social Media Calendar

Every marketer understands the significance of constant posting. Publishing regular post (or threats) ensures higher user engagement. By specifying a social media calendar you decide the posting frequency. Planning out a social media content calendar is the best way to organize upcoming content. Thus, ensure that you never overload the audience with updates.

How to create a social media calendar?

To begin with, the strategy, analyze popular social media platforms where you can reach a maximum number of audiences. Based on the information, study the best time to post on social media. Align strategy to network-specific recommendations on the best time to post.

This can be done with the help of a social media content scheduling tool. The visual social media calendar help marketers can time and publish more content. Our favorite social media management tool is Buffer. To help build a social media audience and improve the brand building.

Setting up a social media calendar is a monthly task. You may consider reviewing opportunities like holidays and the latest events to ensure to stay ahead in the market. This also covers monitoring post-performance on certain days, to modify the social media strategy updates on those days.

Strategy 2: Rejuvenate Social Media Content with Personalized Content

Now as the social media action plan is ready, you to fill in with valuable content ideas. If there is one social media marketing strategy you should be leveraging have to be personalized. As personalized content makes consumers feel that they special.

How can you curate personalized content?

Personalize content resonates well with customers. It not only breaks the monotony of feed but communicates with the desire to help the audience rather self-promotion. Therefore, curate content is a vital factor to determine whether they’ll follow your updates at all.

Although, crating personalize content can be time-consuming. Fortunately, you can automate the process.

Using social media content creation tools will assist in competitive social media space. The tool will streamline the process for writers, save time, and reduce cost. Evernote, Piktochart, PollDaddy, Skitch, and Canva are five best social media creation tools to invigorate campaign.

Strategy 3: Schedule Post in Queue to Keep Audience Engage

If you like a post, you can schedule on your timeline to publish in the future. Schedule posts keep the audience engaged through informative content. Thus, give your followers consistent content and let me enjoy connecting with your social media page.

How to schedule social media post to save time?

Hootsuite and TweetDeck allow you to create, share, and schedule post at the time prefer. Scheduling a posting strategy will save a hell of your time. Social media content scheduling tools allow setting post in the queue.

Strategy 4: Reclaim Your Viral Content By Adding Value

There always an evergreen content in the feed post. Recognize the viral content to max out on like and shares. Finding and republishing the cornerstone content helps to let people come back to your post.

How to redefine and republish viral content?

There are two alternate solutions to this. Firstly you can automate the process by setting by the viral post on a regular interval. Majority of the social media performance track help to find trending post. You can schedule the posts on regular intervals. This strategy will open doors to greater social media advertising opportunities.

Secondly, to upscale the old trending content for repurposing or a quote from a blog. You can circulate on all social media platforms with different visual appearance. Or simply by discussing polls.

Strategy 5: Review Top Performing Post to Generate New Ideas

Drive traffic your social media fuel up your content strategy. Try to discover new topics by targeting to discuss audience problems. Use multiple forms of content like visuals, blogs, videos, gif, meme etc. Using visual-based content grabs audience attention.

How to find top-performing social media post?

The audience hates to flicker through news feed to search for information. An interactive approach to engaging an audience is to share interesting feeds with them. Review your content strategy for social media. Explore competitor’s social media content to discover better content opportunities. Thus, understanding the digital landscape in the business niche.

Simplify Social Media Marketing Strategy

With these 5 simple social media evergreen strategy will take 15 minutes a day. You can create social media content more effective and attractive for the audience. Take your competitors serious and stand against them with curate content for social media. Thus, increase engagement, while letting you focus on another aspect of online digital marketing of work.

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Miss Pragati Rawatkar is a dedicated author and content creator known for her expertise in blog writing and social media management. She has a talent for producing engaging and insightful content that resonates with readers and effectively conveys her clients' messages. Her versatility allows her to write on a wide range of topics, always with a clear and creative approach. Pragati is always up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in content writing and social media management. Her commitment to delivering high-quality content, combined with her strategic mindset, makes her an invaluable asset to any team. Pragati is passionate about helping her clients reach their goals, expand their online presence, and create meaningful connections with their audiences.


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