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SEO Reseller Services India – Why Outsource? It’s Simple: We do all the Work for You


Is it necessary to provide high quality SEO services to clients when you don’t have time? Join Search Markup the white label SEO reseller services. A firm focused on SEO tasks for another agency and its own clients. Search Markup’s SEO reseller services provide white-labeled SEO solutions that will add to your existing portfolio. This service provides all you need such a service as keyword research, Link building, on-site optimization, reputation management and recommendations for the client for the best results.

What is a SEO reseller services program?

In some instances, the agency will hire a SEO Reseller who will manage SEO for its clients. A website owner also manages clients website and takes on SEO requirements in a different organization. Some SEO company offer local SEO reseller programs and service, which allows a firm to offer SEO services for a client who uses another agency. An SEO Reseller program gives agencies the flexibility to offer SEO services to their customers without the need for expansion. A simple resale agreement can increase the revenues of SEO based websites and agencies.

End-to-end white label SEO reseller services

Make more profit by building your company and expanding it with white label SEO service. We do everything we can for you but you get all the glory in your efforts to achieve the best results. Search Markup’s SEO white labels make us totally unreachable to your clientele. We offer a white-label SEO solution that’s far superior to other firms in this field. Our website is designed and developed by a group of web designers and bloggers to gain backlinks for their sites. We rely on Google to create new campaigns, ensuring that we use the latest technology.

How does our SEO reseller services program work?

It is simple to use SEO reseller services especially if the company has an SEO reseller in India such as ours. Choose from the wide array of SEO packages that best suit your clients requirements. When you select a plan, our team and experts work with your project and provide SEO for your clients. You will receive realtime updates which will be available to all of our clients. This White Label service helps you start promoting your website quickly. This list shows our Reseller SEO services that we offer our clients:

White Label SEO Reseller Strategies

Our understanding says no company is identical to the other, so the strategy also differs. Our website was optimized using ecommerce and web marketing tools. We offer white label SEO services helping companies of all sizes increase their visibility. If you select SEO Reseller India, you will get great results. They are satisfied with modern methods and will work hard to help your business grow. By implementing our customized strategy, we give our clients an edge over other companies. Search Markup the best SEO reseller company ensures the security of all your website search optimization needs by using a trusted company.

SEO Reseller Services Results

Most websites provide reseller search engine optimization services. Only some are actually fulfilling this promise. Search Markup is the best SEO reseller in the country committed to SEO reseller services. Follows an efficient method and keeps you updated on every step. Search Markup SEO agency allows you to monitor the search engine results of a customer’s project. In transparent conditions, your clients can stay with you if they have a longer life expectancy. Obtain transformative results using our SEO reseller services.


After choosing a plan and sharing your client details with us, we create a customized plan for the client. There’s lots of SEO agencies, but it’s a personal approach that sets our brand apart. We have analyzed the market for the best start and we understand the company. Our organization is creating a plan to deliver targeted results. We help you reach your clients goals. We are the most reliable online search engine marketing resellers in India.


Optimising Search Engine Ranking with Search Markup is one of the most critical components in this. Upon purchasing the SEO reseller programme with us, our SEO projects management will assign a team to your SEO project. It increases the efficiency of work and keeps it transparent. Our goal is to make your business move with ease, with proven results. Search Markup has over a 15 years of experience delivering high-performing best SEO practices.

What people are saying

The private label SEO of Search Markup are a great way to improve SEO services and increase sales even when there aren’t in-house experts. “We have been working closely with in house team at Search Markup since the beginning. The packages offered by SEO resellers are inexpensive and offer a high level service. They helped establish our company as an established digital agency. Agency owner Because we had no resources we decided to choose a reseller model.

Empowering agencies around the world

SEO Reseller Programs are specifically designed for SEO agencies wishing to sell our services for free, as well as for SEO campaigns. Think of this as an effective business-based back-office that is trusted by no one but you. This seems to make sense. We offer full service solutions to manage projects for clients, enabling your business growth to be focused. All SEO projects are managed by us, so our clients get the maximum benefit and you get full recompense.

Get 100% FREE consultation for our SEO Outsourced Service

When you consult us for FREE SEO sessions with an experienced SEO consultant, you will see if you can grow your brand and business to greater heights and have guaranteed organic traffic in Google or other search engines. Fill out the form to schedule your free SEO consultation with an SEO expert from our company. We provide the agency owner with a quick and easy way to get more clients through outsourced SEO through our white-labelled SEO reseller program.

Let’s grow together

Since we created the reseller program our SEO agency has made it easy for customers to get measurable results from organic traffic leads. Our aim for our clients is to create more competitive conditions for small companies. Businesses who compare the services offered by SEO reseller companies with the quality of the service are choosing to outsource the SEO services to us. When we combine SEO outsourcing with your brand, we will show you the authority.

Comprehensive keyword research and keyword optimization

Search engines and their search phrases are essential in developing and managing SEO strategies for any given business sector. We work with experts, people and businesses. Whenever we develop a successful SEO campaign we are certain of long reversible results if we follow our SEO principles. Effective keyword research provides endless advantages and is fundamental to a successful online strategy.

Best SEO reseller services packages

We offer more advanced and reliable SEO services than any competitor and our services are backed by our high quality services. We are expert white label SEO company which have been here for some time. Read customer feedback about our white label SEO reseller program here. Our goal is to make you a successful person. Consult our package for SEO resellers and select which package you prefer best.

Technical SEO for 100% SEO Optimization

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing a website for Google’s search algorithm. It involves improving the website’s architecture, code, and content so that Google can more easily index and rank the site. Technical SEO can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it is essential for any website that wants to rank well in Google’s search results. By improving the site’s technical aspects, you can make it easier for Google to understand and index your content, which will ultimately lead to higher rankings and more traffic. Technical SEO is an important part of any successful digital marketing strategy, so if you want your website to succeed, make sure you invest in a good technical SEO plan.

All technical SEO components are considered essential and will aid in optimizing your site’s performance. When working for White Label SEO resellers we can show you all the basics about SEO and help you to resell SEO services and improve customer satisfaction. If you choose SEO reseller packages, you’ll get a full suite of services for each niche.

The Process of Our White Label SEO Services

Over the last decade our aim has been to ease the process of the sale of SEO products and we have been very successful in achieving this goal. We have a white label reseller program available for all the major web sites. For account management, you can assign your account manager to keep contact with you with questions.

Simplified processes

Once you join our webmaster services you are able to offer SEO services for your customers, which means you do not have to know anything SEO-specific or SEO expert. By designing strategies aimed towards your clients, we can simplify your search engine optimization strategy.

Savings on purchasing SEO tools

SEO company invest around $5k a year to buy the tools to optimize search engines. When you buy online marketing services, costs can be higher. Nevertheless, when adding SEO service to your business you’re immediately given access to many premium SEO tools.

What are white hat SEO services?

SEO services for clients typically provide white label SEO services. They often produce a white label report and give an exact price list to customers. White Label SEO Services provides services to clients in a professional and transparent fashion.

Professional SEO experts

We pride ourselves on the highest level of professionalism & value our clients needs equally. All white-labelled services are fully guaranteed. Our services ensure satisfied customers in securing a good search engine optimization agency.

Great customer support

In outsourcing search engine optimization efficiency is a major focus. Our dedicated customer service team will take great steps to help make you better in your search engine marketing or simply answer any questions you may need.

Who is an SEO reseller?

Generally speaking SEO resellers are individuals or organizations which use other SEO company’ services and resell them. Many small business owners get a higher return on the investment through SEO reseller programs.

Bulk Purchase Credits

Generally the agency pricing model is designed to consider a range of factors including cost and reliability. We also offer credits to customers who place orders frequently. This credit may subsequently be used to buy any services from us or to pay for other services we offer. It’s an easy win situation because it gives your company more discounts and brings more profits by reselling the product and services..

The White-Label Services We Offer in Our SEO Reseller Services Programs

The digital agency offers an extensive portfolio of white label services, along with SEO outsourcing. We are confident we offer the best services for the white label services for small businesses and large digital marketing agencies. Our high quality SEO services are designed to improve website rankings by integrating technical SEO into other sites and services. Our SEO specialists first assess your website for us.

Content creation and marketing

Our content creation process maximizes your website presence and leads. The content is consistent with the unique keyword analysis and keyword optimization structure and utilizes the most innovative SEO strategy. Pay a click is the fastest way to gain top search ranking in a quick time. With white labels, your website can become a center of attention for customers.

Link Building Services

We understand how important it is to build reputable websites using SEO links. A good SEO campaign does not make a good website and does not rank high in search engine rankings without link building campaign. That’s merely lost sales and lead generation. Get links for free to please customers and increase your sales.

Web Design Services

We provide you with high quality white label website development solutions for every business you are working on. As we promised, you’re getting everything together in a single place. Our web design services offer professional web design designs for a variety of industries.

Online reputation management

We have online reputation management resellers that can help you monitor what your customers say. It can be found in any business directory or online business directory on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other sites that provide users with feedback.

Social Media Marketing

You are certainly looking forward to expanding your online audience through social media marketing. We offer all necessary assistance in this regard. We also have a highly reputable marketing agency that is fully equipped to promote your website around the world.

Web Development Services

Web design is also crucial to achieving a successful website optimization strategy and to perform technical SEO. Web developers ensure the development of all web sites in our web design department is SEO-friendly.

What services does Search Markup offer Agencies?

Our SEO reseller programs have a great benefit to it. Because it addresses the broad scope of the business of the customer. We keep the tech portion simple for you so that everyone is familiar with them. Our search engine optimization and analysis services cover the whole spectrum. Although services vary according to the project, these are some of our most popular SEO reseller services:

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis includes identifying competitor and understanding their strategies for success. Each firm has a competitor, and Expansion Ranks helps identify the competition for the company. Not only is this identifier important but we also carry out an extensive analysis to determine the SEO tactics they use on each website. After identifying strategies, the team will implement more efficient ways of outranking the competition. We use sophisticated algorithms and SEO tools to analyze competitions to gain profitable outcomes. In this regard, competition analysis is important for SEO Reseller services.

Free website analysis

Google has a free web analytics tool. This is free to all clients who have potential customers. The website report will give the user an idea of what is lacking and what can be improved to get organic results. Website Analysis or SEO audit includes examining websites SEO work and their parameters like speed, on page optimization, Off page optimization, SEO strategy, experience, etc. Search Markup takes a comprehensive examination of clients websites in order to find any problems or issues. Our focus will enhance web performance by looking out for duplicate links and other harmful links.

Keyword research

Keyword research for digital marketing includes finding keywords to improve your business’s ranking in search engines. Search Markup determines keywords for which a customer can get a higher ranking. It is a paid tool used for the analysis of how many keyword phrases are available in search engines. We identify the keywords in search according to the best practices for the SEO process as well as the information provided by the website software. SEO reseller agencies can identify the best possible keywords using a balanced approach.

Technical SEO

Technical search engine optimisation is the optimization of technical parameters of websites for the search. Search engines are automatically checked for crawling errors in site pages indexation, robot-txt verification of sitemaps and many other technical parameters. Search Markup recognizes technical parameters as critical to a website to get ranking, so our in house team is attentive to the technical details of a site to ensure search engines will find it without a problem if it has multiple technical issues.

Content Marketing

Content plays a key role in SEO campaigns. Content marketing is therefore considered essential as content marketing involves producing, promoting and sharing useful content. Search Markup Content Strategy focuses on distributing content to clients’target audiences thus increasing their trustworthiness. Creating high-quality content leads to a higher traffic ranking which increases sales.

Link building

Link Building is a business technique for gaining external web links which lead to a webpage. Search Markup customers can see massive traffic being driven out from other sites because of link building campaign. Search Markup focus is the creation of a range of link building measures to generate strong results. Our focus is on link quality instead of link quantity thus making quality links for clients.

Scale your agency with white label SEO Company

It is our mission to help solve all your business problems. Our white label SEO service helps you increase your business income. We’ve got an open mind for your company while maintaining our integrity. Providing accurate quotes, a professional SEO consulting company offers the best possible solutions to help your business grow.

Great Content + Stellar Placements = Amazing Results

Our company understands the importance of having your orders all easily accessible. This makes it easy to order orders and view progress in a single click. It is not necessary to search for the information from previous orders through long emails. Log into your website and you can get started!

What is a SEO reseller?

SEO reseller is an agency providing white label SEO services to clients. The company provides SEO services that are sold independently. They typically deliver white label support for a variety of agencies including development designers.

How to Price SEO Services?

Essentially the price model for the agencies is two different. You can also create your own price strategy which is considered industry practice by most people. Here are tips for agencies that sell these products.

Multi-tier pricing

Tiered pricing is also very popular and usually requires analyzing the amount and then finding a suitable cost. Simon Ensor has a very good insight. Simon Ensor, Founder and CEO of CatchWorks “In my first two SEO companies, I grew and quit”. I also contribute and comment at sites like Google, BBC, The Sun and Reuters. I work with freelancers and independent agencies. Despite having a core team, we largely ‘re-sell’ the work back to trusted partners.

Flat rate pricing

The most common way of doing this involves paying your SEO services in full and then offering discounts based on the service you have chosen. Is it worth reselling SEO? While our customers experiment with different models our clients can enjoy flat-rate discounts from retail prices for resellers.

White Label SEO Company Reports

Unbranded Reports will also be displayed in your dashboard. You can sell your reports for your clientele. All our reports come in Excel or PDF format with the possibility to change the style if desired.

Benefits of SEO Reselling

SEO marketing is an important tool for the agency owner. This can help agencies increase profits as a result of growing companies. SEO reseller packages offer several advantages. We will discuss some more.

Saves Costs of Building a Team

SEO resellers can help save some time for your company. A typical way of providing a search engine optimization service is to start a new department, employ a couple of people, and then begin marketing your products to a new customer. However, building a company can be tricky. Your vet will have hired skilled staff. Generally speaking, this imposes significant burdens on agencies’s payroll. You could easily spend it on other projects as an agent, such as the marketing of your services. But if you decided on being an SEO reseller, you no longer need an organization.

Adding a New Service Offering

Let us look at a possible scenario: You are managing an established business, and you usually have satisfied clients. Now customers will want SEO in their products portfolio. But the staff is not knowledgeable. As a growth company the focus should always be on consolidating rather than building a new team. Tell me the plan of action? Join white-labeled SEO reseller program! Without a cost increase, they also provide you with new services. When a product is marketed or integrated into a package you get higher revenue and more profit.

Quality of service

A good reason why SEO Reselling can be such a useful tool is to ensure your company’s standard service. If you build your own SEO agency with little or no experience it can damage their reputation for goodwill. You should stay in touch with professionals for this purpose. A white label search engine marketing reseller system can be the perfect way to keep your website at the top of your competition with a high level of customer satisfaction while minimizing costs.

Additional revenue from existing clients

When you add SEO to your services portfolio you can simply sell it on to your existing clients. This allows for greater profits while avoiding any additional costs. The majority of agency owners understand that consumer acquisition costs are much more than the cost of retaining a current client, why not? Getting Revenue through this program helps you increase revenue.

How can an agency benefit from SEO resellers?

All agencies will have good SEO resellers provided the arrangements were properly made. SEO resellers can be of great value for your business.

They have a professional team in house

Think of white label SEO agency as extensions of a agency partners or as an internal team without being. The SEO reseller partner offers search rankings to the clients of the agency and the agency is able to get this service easily and efficiently. The agency will not require expansion because the job has been transferred directly from the SEO resellers. In fact a website should always use SEO professionals to get organic traffic without a professional investment into digital marketing tools. Providing SEO services may however differ by resellers. Some people are capable of doing SEO on Google. Choose SEO resellers which are useful and relevant for your business.

An agency can focus on its core competencies

The agency isn’t good on anything. They are sure that there are services they offer and they struggle to do so. A website that does not possess the knowledge to do so requires a web developer. SEO reseller is an SEO professionals in handling clients website SEO demands. Similarly, it takes the opportunity to concentrate on its core competencies, and give clients the best possible product. The agency’s ability to concentrate on the tasks is great while the reseller takes care of the website’s needs.

Addition Of Services With An SEO Reseller

The Reseller offers clients SEO services without any extension. An agency can just provide SEO service to clients if all the work is done by the SEO Reseller. The agency can provide clients with more than just SEO services through its Resellers Program. Local SEO pages, SEO, and much more are available to clients through our SEO reseller programs.

Better relationships with clients alongside market dominance

SEO services can make an organization more responsive to customers. SEO reseller allows a company to obtain professional SEO services for clients and thus greatly improve the quality of their work. When better work happens, agency authority is instantly increased. This helps improve client interaction and ensures quality work for clients.

You bring in the clients, we will take care of the SEO

We’ll work with you to develop a customized SEO Action Plan for your clients that is tailored to your cients specific needs and goals. Whether your client looking to increase your web traffic, improve your search engine ranking, or just get more customers, we can help. And because we understand that every business is different, we offer a range of services that can be customized to suit your unique needs.

How much do we charge for SEO reseller services?

SEO resellers can vary in prices and services between resellers, but SEO reseller services typically are priced in three main ways:

Bulk Buyer Pricing

For all reseller services bulk buyers pricing generally aims at providing fixed pricing services where discounts depend purely upon service chosen. We provide flat prices for our reseller services, but discounts are based on service selected. For some services a bulk customer’s prices could be different depending on the service required.

Don’t just resell SEO services! Add hosting in the mix to increase your profits even more!

The Cloudway platform provides the ability for resellers to sell web hosting for their websites using an intuitive interface.

The Most Popular SEO Reseller Services

Before starting to market SEO resellers your digital marketing agency needs to be fully informed. Lets discuss the necessary goods.

Guest posting

Guests write and publish articles for other sites. SEO consultants usually provide guest posts as they help build relationships and facilitate link exchanges. This is one of the most efficient ways to reach the existing customers and improve your ranking. Incoming posts are a powerful lead generation technique for B2C companies.

Content development

Are all your websites optimized for search engine results? Google will take very close attention on how well your page is ranking on Google. It is important to create good content for the search engines and optimize it accordingly. A web design SEO analyst is a useful tool for a business.

Keyword Optimization

Choosing a suitable keyword is difficult. As an agency manager, you have the opportunity to provide high quality keyword research services. The right keyword will increase the ranking on Google while the wrong keyword might ruin the content.


A professional SEO specialist can produce an exhaustive list if needed of the current analysis on a site. In addition, the company can identify trends and options to shift focus from keywords to other phrases.

Website analysis

What’s been your most recent site review? It’s often chosen for website owners when contacting experts. When joining the SEO reseller program, you can also provide such services to customers.

FAQ’s on SEO Reller Services

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