Link Building in SEO Tutorial to Scale Your Backlink Strategy

By Sonu Pandey

July 29, 2019

Link Building in SEO Tutorial to Scale Your Backlink Strategy

By Sonu Pandey

Link Building in SEO Tutorial to Scale Your Backlink Strategy

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Learn do’s and don’t to link-building strategy.  Including the most effective tips and techniques to make website links to improve SEO performance in organic search results.

It is no more a secret that link building is an effective SEO strategy. Link building techniques is an aggregation of various skills including copywriting, customer behaviour, and marketing. Bottom line? If you need top SERP position in search engines, you need to acquire high authoritative link building sites. In this guide, we’ll show link building types. These are the best link building strategies you will not find in any link building book online.

Let’s dig deep into link building kya hain? What is link building? 

What is Link-building in SEO?

Search engine optimization link building meaning. We all know link building is an SEO technique. Link building is a process to obtain quality inbound links to a webpage. How can build link improve SEO? Building links is one of the many core digital marketing strategies to rank higher in search engines. Because link sends signals to search engines that the site is a quality resource worthy a citation.

Let’s see know important link-building terms.

Broken Link Building 

What is a broken link building in SEO? Broken link building meaning to find invalid links. A broken link is also known as a dead link. A link building specialist will understand that these link not working anymore. While there can be numerous reasons as to why these links are not working. Broken link building is a reliable and scalable strategy to include in a link building campaign.

Black Hat Link Building 

Black hat link building meaning is explained. It is a contravene practice to increase a site or page to rank high in search engines. Many link building guide offers spamming techniques. A smart link building expert understands between spamming activities and outright practice. Black hat links is an aggressive SEO strategy technique. It mainly focuses on search engines and not the audience. The practice does not obey search engine guidelines.

White Hat Link Building 

White hat link building meaning can be understood as a favourite search engine practice. It is advisable to always focus link building white hat practice instead of a black hat or gray hat. Because link spamming in a short term strategy

Tier 1 Link Building

Tier 1 link building SEO strategy is completely white hat practice. It is popularly known as tiered link building. Tier 1 links multiple tiers of links to a target site. For example, you post a 10 to 20 article on guest post site. Then you create several backlinks of the guest post referring to your site. In this way, you are not building spams to your site. 

Before you start making links to your website. Here is the most important thing you should know about website DA.

Why do search engines need to understand Domain Authority (DA)?

Many marketers fail to understand why search engines require links. Further, why these links should be from high domain authority web resources? 

From Google’s perspective, domain authority is a website reputation. DA is the most misunderstood SEO terminology or link building google metric. Moz Domain Authority checker is a way to tell us where website rank in the scale of 10 to 100. Theoretically, higher the DA, better a website can rank in search engines.

However, there are several other ranking metrics to rank high in SERP’s and MOZ link explorer is one of them.

Using SEO performance metrics is virtuous. Relying on only one website indicator is not sufficient. SEO is the essence of website ranking in search engines. Here comes the role of SEO metrics to measure the success of campaigns. 

Domain Authority is not new to digital marketing. But not many content marketers are aware. Traditionally, link building authority was weighted based on page ranking. But, now DA plays an imperative role in the ranking of any domain.

What is Domain Authority? 

Domain Authority is an SEO metrics created by MOZ to rate a website on a scale of 1 to 100. Where 1 is the worst ranking. So higher the domain authority, easier it will be for any website to rank in SERPs. 

Do not think domain authority is a measure of SEO efforts. Instead, take it as a competitive metric. So when comparing your website DA score with competitors, our website is likely to rank higher.

You’ll be surprise to know that DA consists of 40 ranking signals. Such as the number of high DA rooting towards essential links. 

How to Check Domain Authority? 

There are few domain authority checker tools over the internet. Majority of these tools are free for beginners. Here is our pick for the 3 best domain authority checker tool. 

  1. Moz- Link Explorer

This highly accurate link tool lets you check the backlink profile and Domain Authority of any site. The tool is free of cost for the first month. However, you need to pay $179 per month for unlimited searches. Moz offers complete link metrics for any the website along with page authority. 

  1. Prepost SEO

Prepostseo Domain Authority Checker is another free tool. The tool allows a user to check up to 100 URLs in one time. You can Sort Results by clicking on the Values. This tool is 100% free you can check unlimited web pages daily. After you finished checking you can download the report and use it whenever you want.

  1. SEO Review Tools

SEO  review tools feature over 34+ online SEO tools. Every tool is personalized to improve website online strategy. The domain authority checker google allows you to quickly check website DA. It’s simple to use the tool. If you are a beginner to SEO, then SEO review tools will work superb!

What is Moz Rank?

MozRank is a measure on the domain link profile. It calculates a webpage on the internet based on the number of link resources referring to a page. Furthermore, the quality and quantity of the linking pages play a crucial ranking factor. Few quality backlinks to your website higher MozRank rating than many low-quality links referring to your site. 

Note: You might notice a website or webpage having high MozRank but low MozTrust.  This is likely because it’s easy to manipulate MozRank by building lots of links in a short amount of time.

Now as we cover the salient meaning of link building types, let’s move to the next section.

How to implement advanced Link Building Techniques to SEO strategy?

In this section, we will discuss link building techniques that worked for you. These are some best link building techniques 2019 to incorporate. Most importantly, all are natural link building techniques. 

Because not all links are equal, you need to be very careful when building backlinks for a website. Now let’s get into the powerful link building techniques: 

Reciprocal Link Building 

The excessive building of links can negatively impact your website in SERPs. As long as you do not create over-limit reciprocal links, it makes sense from a user. And link exchange is not something bad.

Guest Posting Link Building 

Submit articles or a guest post is a trading way to acquire backlinks from a website. But it important to link a guest post with a relevant ‘anchor text’. The guest post also includes link building articles submission sites and press release website. You can ask bloggers or influencer to write about your brand on their site. Stuffing the anchor text with commercial keywords is far from natural and will surely get you in trouble. Using brand keywords or navigational phrases is a good option in this case.

Web Directory Submission

Submit links to web directory submission sites. To avoid a negative impact on your website always choose the best web directory submission sites. Kindly avoid free web directory submission websites. As this can lead to penalization of your site in search engines.

The key to creative link building techniques is relevancy. Thus, build links from a niche directory relevant to your website. For example, education web directory, food web directory, healthcare directory, travel web directories, etc.

Forum and Blogpost Comments

Forum submission sites is another traditional link building strategies. Link building and content marketing go hand in hand. Participate in active discussions on blog post sites or forum websites that are relevant to your business niche. Ensure that your comment provides contextual value to the discussion. Quora, Yahoo Answers, Ask Solve are few examples of best free online forums websites.

Buying Links 

Buying links is considered a black hat link building best practice. Search engine penalizes website with spam links. Invest in creating high-quality content and promote your site for natural link building. It is a risk-free link building approach.

Discover Competitors Backlinks

When trying to optimize link building website you may find competitors. Research and dig competition links resources. Finding where your competitors are getting backlinks will help you to learn and manage your link building strategies. You can also analyze competitors link building techniques with SEMRush Backlink checker tool (link-building tool)

Recover Dead Links

Sometimes you might find links to your website not working anymore. Indeed, this may be the case if the location of your page changes or if another webmaster misspelled your link. In both cases, these backlinks will return a 404 error. Recovering dead links will boost link building in Off-page SEO.

Link Building For Higher Ranking 

Traditionally, Google page rank was the only factor for any webpage on the internet. Back in the time, you can earn Google first position in search engines with no content and executing a link building strategy SEO. In return, the site authority remains high. 

If you have never focused on your site page authority score, it’s time for you to use some above-mentioned SEO link building strategy. Otherwise, you can outsource to link building services in town.

Sonu Pandey

Sonu Pandey

Sonu Pandey is an internet marketing strategist and digital marketing enthusiast. He has a passion for digital marketing and likes to coach people on how they can use it in their business. He has always believed that the best way to achieve success was through hard work, which he puts into his professional life as well as his personal life. His favorite hobbies are reading books, watching movies, listening to podcasts and taking long walks with his friends.

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