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4 Reasons Why Quality SEO Will Cost You, and Why It’s Worth It


SEO is the backbone for sustenance of any website today. Unless someone is promoting a micro site that is meant only for specific users, therefore it can deliver its result without being in the top ranking of google search.

The important fundamental of SEO activities is to understand the value we get in a long run. As a website user one cannot assimilate the traffic behavior of a website without improvising proper analytics tools and study. It would be difficult to understand how the crawlers and all web traffic can be navigated to a specific I.P. This technicality requires fair amount of knowledge and experience, both.

In a general scenario website owners simply outsource their SEO to vendors at the best offered price. However, what they fail to notice is the efforts that can go behind the website ranking. As you read this article, you will get a fair understanding of how SEO plays an integral role in the promotion and growth of your business. You will also identify specific reasons not to deliberately select low-cost optimization.

To begin with, as a business you need to become visible and prominent in the eyes of your target audience. Web and online medium is very popular as most of the consumers are now searching and comparing products and services on the web. If they are not making purchase they are still researching, so it is yet another opportunity to build a mindshare of your business. The first step is to use right keywords and search for SEO providers through google. Once the results are shortlisted, compare the vendors based on their offerings, domain specialization and their costs. Their clientele and ability to promote your business extensively does matter. As there are umpteen providers on the net, it is crucial to look at the overall benefit one can get by association.

SEO providers differ from each other on the basis of their capability. Experts can create a proper content submission plan to increase regular rank of your website in the long run. Others lack technical know-how and can deliver results with short term objectives, such as campaign visibility. Hence, any amount that is paid to the latter is only an expense and not a good investment.

However you will surely observe that the prices vary between providers and the obvious question would be that when they all are going to do the same things, why is the pricing so different? SEO is mostly a content-driven engagement and the quality of writing plays an important role in your visibility. The vendor chooses different places to promote it online, but propagating it on most effective online channels creates a huge difference in its effectiveness on online searches. Hence, we are arriving at understanding those thin line differences of quality SEO in this article.

List of four top reasons to pay for a quality SEO work:

  1. Dead links and link audit
    • The links in any website also become dead or broken after a period or due to some site changes. These links can slow down the search process and load time of the website. It is important to validate them time to time to ensure updating of website. Such activities can be done manually as results of automated systems are not zero defects. Such rectification consumes time. Since they are important for the user experience in terms of browsing and search, it is a critical activity for an SEO provider. This helps in overall performance of website. This makes it clear that not just the content is important on a website but the connecting links and its functionality is also of importance.
  2. Back link audit
    • The back links play an important role in terms of search of your website. A website becomes performing and is considered reliable when these back links of your website come from a web page that relates to your website and its keyword. Else the links start giving an impression of deceit. After all the users should not feel that there is something fishy about these links. This ultimately spoils the image of your website and disconnects the users from your brand. The authenticity of marketing techniques plays a crucial role in the cognizance of users.
  3. Use quality content to avoid de-indexation of website
    • Low cost providers may use spam techniques and create effects of search which may show very high popularity and result on google initially. However, the brand is not about the campaign so its image in long run is important. But because the website does not abide the guidelines of google, chances are the google’s webmaster guideline may bring the listing down for your website and eventually it disappears. This damage can cost much more in its recovery and time lost. The worse may be when users start writing their feedback and negative comments about their experience on other social media platforms and that goes viral.
  4. Ethical SEO
    • This is an important aspect of SEO for an effective ranking in long term and to meet the goal of listing as top websites for the preferred keywords. There should be good quality content and it should be submitted in selected and relevant directories, social media searches, PR sites and blog. Sometimes providers submit articles of less relevance to the brand or product itself. Sometimes the articles are submitted in irrelevant places. By doing so, ranking is immediately high because they are fixed with many keywords; however their long term listing starts decreasing.

These are main area of concern for website owners which can be resolved and well taken care by SEO providers. It’s best to safeguard your business by investing in the right SEO provider! It may also be easy for the owner to try and fix some of these on their own, but the idea to outsource is that the business owner can focus on their core business and give the work of SEO to experts.

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Sonu Kumar Pandey
Sonu Pandey is an internet marketing strategist and digital marketing enthusiast. He has a passion for digital marketing and likes to coach people on how they can use it in their business. He has always believed that the best way to achieve success was through hard work, which he puts into his professional life as well as his personal life. His favorite hobbies are reading books, watching movies, listening to podcasts and taking long walks with his friends.


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