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Why Brand Reputation Management Should Be Your Top Marketing Priority…!


In today’s world, your company’s or brand image is everything. It reflects on the things you say and do – it tells people about who we really are as a business without ever having met us in person! Being cautious of how this affects our online presence will help build up slow mindshare for potential customers before they even get started with their research process so that when scams come out looking just like yours asking them to wire money internationally because “you don’t know what happened,” all signs point towards one conclusion: Don’t fall victim again (for now).

What is reputation management?

Reputation management is a strategy used by companies to either improve, protect, lessen the negative effects of a company’s reputation. Often this refers to online campaigns of information and creative work on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Instagram, where negative comments may be addressed directly or refuted with user-generated content from elsewhere on the web. For some businesses, it also includes monitoring search engine results pages (SERPS) for brand-sensitive keywords.

Reputation Management Strategy Infographic

In producing an appropriate response for this type of question it is important to take all factors into account in order to maximize productivity and credibility with both internal and external stakeholders.
So we might begin by looking at our routing process and analyze how communications can be amplified before online communities

Corporate reputation management

Corporate reputation management, most customers are net-savvy. They are quick and adept on the internet to search for their required products and services through online portals. If they are not transacting, they are most certainly tallying the reviews and checking the know-about of your brand to validate their choice where comes the internet reputation repair reviews. After all, the consumer is used to finding assurance through the feedback of other users as compared to the company spokesperson or ad itself. So it does not really matter if you operate your brand or business online. But due to the customer’s reach and awareness, the online mediums have pros and cons for your business. Thus, specialized stream like online reputation management is also a huge outsourced service by large businesses.

corporate reputation management in public relations

Web reputation services

Web reputation services, since your business and the brand image are earned after a lot of hard work, it may not be wise to neglect what the consumers are thinking or talking about you. However, the basic point to understand today is that reputation management strategy is not only about managing the profile pages on social media platforms or publishing and following Public Relations; there is much more. Online media is an ocean of active communication being driven by brands and their consumers,. Today the media interaction is loud and open, unlike an older era where it was more like one-way communication for brands.

Three significant reasons to implement a seamless online reputation repair strategy:

  • Impact on sales – Today, it is not just active and loyal customers that matter to your business, but the passive customers too are contributing through word of mouth and referrals on different media and social media platforms. Any good or bad review of your brand image can go viral and impact the business positively or negatively. Your sales can show variation depending on how you have been rated by your reviewers or customers. Your revenue is directly proportional to the popularity gained it is required to have brand reputation monitoring.
  • Transparent communication – As customers are more aware, vocal and expressive too; online channels are an easiest way for them to air their thoughts. As a brand or business, you should be open to transparent communication. You should be able to address queries and concerns openly so that the others can notice your response time and proactive approach taken towards an upset customer. As much as you would like to see the good comments; on a bad comment or feedback, show your openness to ideas and suggestions. This will reinforce the trust of your customer’s in you.
  • Comparisons – A part of the game is to compare and then shortlist the most suitable product or service. As business you should be vigilant of views for your competitors and build on your best strategy. This creates opportunity to associate with your target audience, so harp on it. Knowing the temperament of your consumers, it helps you to sharpen your messages and promises as brand and deliver them properly. Comparisons have two advantages. You get to know about your competition, their strategy and their activities. You also get deep insight of your consumer base, including the potential consumers, their aspiration and requirements.

Method for best online reputation management:

  • Real comments and internet reputation review – Avoid the tampering of comments or hiding them. When you are doing that your consumer can get more upset and irate about it. Rather, it is better to keep the conversation polite and open for negotiation or change. It may also be imperative for business to get your happy customers speak about you or rate you.
  • Recent views Google reputation repair – The reputation and rank online is not a static result. Google reputation management, the Google rankings are dynamic and are impacted by the recent most crawlers or comments in any search platforms. Hence, ongoing activities done for promotion have more importance. We will track these activities and their impact.
  • Frequency – It is but natural to be awed by a list of reviews as compared to a few comments. The user feels assured that there are more people who are aware of your name. Hence, creating more and more lead is an important aspect of online promotions.
  • Quality – It goes without saying, that as much as the reviews are close to your core competencies or your values, it talks well of your brand. A review which is too general and sounds neither in favour nor is discriminatory can leave the user confused and ultimately drops the idea of selecting your brand.
  • Alerts a free online reputation management tool – You can set up some alerts like Google reputation check alerts or twitter alerts which will help you to instantly trace any new thread of online comment and trend of views. This can be applied not only for your brand but also for your close competition so you are relaxed that you are not working in isolation from online community and news.
  • Manage basic social media accounts – It is important to have some or all of the social media accounts depending on who your target audience is. Businesses that select their platform and stick to it rather than trending views at all places create far more stability in terms of their online reputation. Different common platforms in use include facebook, twitter, quora, linkedin and blog.
Reputation Management Tool

After reading the above points use this as a reputation management tool for corporate reputation repair or personal reputation repair, you would be waiting to click and manage your online reputation. As given above, whether we operate our business online or offline, our brand image is slowly shaping on these online channels of communication.

Online reputation management services India

Search Markup provides an online reputation management service that helps businesses and individuals keep their information safe. We help you monitor, respond, and control what people see when they search for your name or business on the web. Our services include monitoring social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, as well as review sites like Yelp and Google. We’ll also help you remove any negative content from the web so it doesn’t show up in search results. You can trust us with all of your online reputation needs because we have over 12 years of experience helping our clients succeed!

You don’t want bad reviews hurting your business or putting customers off. With our services, you can make sure that doesn’t happen. We work with clients across India to protect their reputations online by removing negative content about them or pushing it down the search results page using white hat techniques like link building and social engagement. Contact us today for a free consultation!

To seek help from Search Markup Digital Marketing reputation management company and digital marketing agency we manage the online reputation management of clients, search for the apt vendor on Google. Do a quality check of their work and ensure that they do not put your name at stake by promising and delivering immediate ranks and results by the use of spam techniques.

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